Wednesday, January 14, 2009

my name & why

thought I would back up and explain a few things...

I love to camp at Indian Trails Resort, in Colona, Illinois...this is where we spend our entire summer. Well my good friend Sally has been a quilter for many years, and I got jealous of her coming out of her camper and saying "look what I just made"! I knew I could sew but was very scared to start the quilting...well Sally took me under her wing and taught me many things about daughter even caught the quilting bug...more on her later!

Well now I use my camper table and create. I go sit by the fire and work on attaching the bindings so I decided to call my self the fireside quilter... quilting is relaxing to me and I do not have to give up my fire!

We have a group of us at the campground that get together one day a week to quilt in the clubhouse...some days we decide to do a road trip and check out quilt shops in other areas. Always can use ideas and need to get patterns & fabrics!

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