Monday, April 13, 2009

Easter Weekend

I finally got to spend some time with my fabric and I finished my Pastel Pinwheels for the I need to get some bags so I can turn them into the SWAP Hostess.

I also completed a Tea Towel Bag Purse. I had picked up the tea towels and patterns last summer on one of our shopping is pretty neat. I need to get camera so I can post the picture, camera is at home, not at the camper.

Son has started baseball practice so life gets a little

Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Thursday, March 26, 2009


I finally signed up to participate in a SWAP!
My friend Sally is the hostess, and since we are camping next to each other, I let her twist my arm and try this next step!

I am excited to see how a SWAP works first-hand...and then maybe I will do more. I just hope my "finished pieces" are good enough...

I am back camping so I am working on a few small projects: orgami purse and table runners for holidays. Trying to get some gifts ready!


Monday, March 16, 2009


Whew...where has the time gone...oh yeah, I have been running to basketball practices and games and boy scout meetings and girl scout cookie selling...BUT I have been able to get a few pieces pinned and quilted.

Finally got Fractions done and it is really comfy on the couch, but Chelsea seems to think all the bright colors are calling her name. LOL

I am getting the camping bug, I can not wait to start camping, it gives me more time to quilt and take those road trips to get more stash and ideas!!!

Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Update...Chelsea's Machine

My daughter has been wanting her own "nice machine"...and since she has continued with great interest about quilting...her dad & i decided that she deserved a great machine for Christmas...
We purchased a Janome Heart Machine...and boy does Chelsea love it! She will be 16 in April and enjoys crafting...just like mom!
She is excited to finish 2 quilt tops she had started...but always used the excuse that she could not get on my machine because I was using it ALL the time...she stayed home from school one day due to getting a tooth pulled and she made a sewing machine cover for "her baby"...using some fancy stitching to jazz it up! And she has created a table runner for her best friend. This was the first piece she has totally done by herself...she planned it, cut it, sewed it, layered it, quilted it and last night starting attaching the binding! I will have to attach photo...

Wednesday, January 14, 2009

my name & why

thought I would back up and explain a few things...

I love to camp at Indian Trails Resort, in Colona, Illinois...this is where we spend our entire summer. Well my good friend Sally has been a quilter for many years, and I got jealous of her coming out of her camper and saying "look what I just made"! I knew I could sew but was very scared to start the quilting...well Sally took me under her wing and taught me many things about daughter even caught the quilting bug...more on her later!

Well now I use my camper table and create. I go sit by the fire and work on attaching the bindings so I decided to call my self the fireside quilter... quilting is relaxing to me and I do not have to give up my fire!

We have a group of us at the campground that get together one day a week to quilt in the clubhouse...some days we decide to do a road trip and check out quilt shops in other areas. Always can use ideas and need to get patterns & fabrics!

Here is the quilt I made for my brother & his wife for Christmas 08...It looks real nice on their couch. Every new married couple needs snuggle time on the couch...they were married August 4, 2007...

Hubby's Quilt

OK... now the is a story to this quilt I made for Bruce, my hubby. He went with me to my LQS, and Sally was there waiting to help me pick colors for this other than the purple/green sunflowers as displayed in the store.
She & I had gotten almost all the fabrics selected when Bruce asked "who is this for?" Well I admitted it was for him, there went the surprise, and then he proceeded to tell us which colors he did not like and re-arranged a few others...needless to say, he won. It was going to be his afterall...he did pretty good at selecting his colors and it looks great in the fireplace room. (Thanks Sally)

Jessena's Wall Hanging

Here is the wall hanging I had made for Jessena...I think she liked harrassing Bruce about "making it"... tho she really knew I had done the work.

I think all women "know" who does the work for the holidays!!!

Day Off Work...

Due to the snow...I stayed home with the kids today. I am trying to get this page up and pictures posted...

Here is the picture of the quilt I made for my grandma Shirley for Christmas...btw...she LOVED it! Actually Bruce drew granny's name in the exchange, but since I had made this for her this fall, he & I swapped names...but Jessena got a quilted item too!

Okay, I have figured out how to post some of the quilting projects I have done...

so here we go!

Here is my first Pumpkin Wall Hanging...

Friday, January 9, 2009

This is the beginning of the blog...I have to figure out how to attach photos of my completed projects. I am new to quilting and even newer to blogging. So those of you that have found my site, please keep that in mind.
I welcome any input and suggestions from those who would like to submit them...